Manifestation Meditation Playlist | Emma Mumford Spiritual Queen


Over 90-minutes of healing and transformational meditations created by Emma to help manifest your best life! All files will be able to be downloaded in a zip file once checkout has been completed. All computers are able to unzip files easily.

"Emma’s meditation series is wonderful! I absolutely love using them to guide me into that meditative state. They are brilliant at helping you visualise, and take you into a fantastic meditation. Emma’s voice is so gentle and calming, you feel safe during the entire meditation. Highly recommend!" - Natalia

"I highly recommend these powerful meditations created by Emma. They will help transform your daily practises. This is like having a powerful tool box in one place where you can select the meditation for your daily needs or for something your working on." - Hannah Wallace

11 Audio Tracks - Total Running Time 92 Mins.

1. Re-Focusing & Grounding - This meditation is designed to help you re-align and ground back into the present moment.

2. Happy Place Meditation - This meditation is my own I've created over the last 8 years, designed to help you manifest and connect to the spiritual realm.

3. Cutting Energetic Chords - This meditation is designed to help you cut energetic chords between you and another person which has turned negative.

4. Surrendering & Letting Go - This meditation is designed to help you let go & surrender your need for control and manifestations over to the Universe.

5. Creative Visualisation - This meditation allows you to visualise and create your best life using powerful manifestation tools.

6. Inner Child Healing - This meditation will allow you to heal any deep wounds or triggers from your childhood releasing you from fear and setting yourself free.

7. Forgiveness Meditation - This meditation is designed to help you forgive others using powerful tools and release you from judgement and fear.

8. Connecting With Your Spirit Guides - This meditation will allow you to safely open up contact with your Spirit Guides, welcome them into your life and allow regular conversation to occur.

9. Self-Love & Heart Chakra Meditation - This meditation will help to re-align your Heart Chakra and help to maintain your self-love through the use of affirmations.

10. Twin Flame Healing Meditation - This meditation is specifically for Twin Flames. It will allow you a safe space to communicate, end karmic cycles and receive messages from your Twin Flame to aid healing.

11. Raise Your Vibration Daily Meditation - This meditation is designed to be done in the morning regularly to help boost your vibration and connection to the Universe.

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